The Potential Is Limited  Only By  Your Imagination

We have not caved in to various agencies, special interests and land trusts with respect to entering any agreement to inhibit and restrict the full use of the land and water via a "conservation easement".  We believe that decision is best left to the next owner of the ranch.  The title remains very clean.  The ranch borders millions of acres of government land on its north side which provides for an additional recreational component (see "Montana Cadastral" via the Internet). 

Rekindling America's Red Meat Heritage

The Ultimate Turn-Key Facility

to assist in the world's demand for Bison products
including superior recreational elements

If your desire is to enter the Bison industry on a large scale, you have found the right place...

especially given there’s nothing available for sale at any price that compares to this ranch and its facilities.  Truly, a one-of-a-kind legacy property! 

Given you’re here, perhaps you’re aware of meat prices and especially the price of bison meat.  This ranch provides the opportunity to become a leader in the field on a very substantial scale.  We believe Bison are superior to Cattle and we invite you to consider the following comparison elements:

  • Strong consumer demand with high wholesale and retail value
  • Industry growth of 10 – 15 percent per year with 1/2 the work for double the return
  • Hardy (all-year) livestock animal that can withstand extreme temperature variance
  • Considered the most desired meat for those who desire natural red meat products
    (exceptional flavor, tender, low fat with high protein, high in vitamins, open range fed,
    no hormones, no drugs and totally natural)
  • Lower in saturated fat than beef, pork and chicken
  • Perfect for inclusion in diet and weight loss programs
  • Very long productive life with corresponding meat quality term duration
  • Disease resistant animal native to Montana
  • Natural range animal that needs minimal intervention or management
  • Cow-bison calve naturally with no need for calf pulling procedures (no need for Dr. Pol)
  • Achieve more cutting horse training per bison calf
  • Efficient natural feed utilization with less impact to pasture land
  • More meat volume per animal on average
  • Strong demand for breed animals
  • No need for artificial shelters such as barns or sheds
  • Unique and interesting animal perfectly suited as a primary Guest Ranch element
  • Can be used for specialized on-site sport/meat harvest hunts for some groups
  • Bison hunts are not regulated by any federal or state agency

                            Bison......... it's what's for supper!   Everything else, pales in comparison.

The "Montana Bison Ranch" 
has sizzle and appeal on multiple levels.

Consider the following additional elements​:

~  Behold ~   Water Galore!

SIX MILES of the stunning Judith River snakes right through the middle of the ranch. With four fully documented water rights on the Judith River, and two more on Salt Creek and Bear Springs Creek, this ranch is extremely well watered. Irrigation of the deep fertile soils in and around the river meadows and Salt Creek Basin, make it ideal for high protein hay crops such as alfalfa, sanfoin, oats and other grasses and legumes.

Something worth mentioning...the Judith River is supported by one of the world’s largest cold water springs, (Big Spring). The spring source is located a short distance from Lewistown, a few miles up-stream from the ranch. We all know that a picture’s worth a 1000 words. Therefore, we made a special effort to create a slideshow photo gallery for your review by clicking here.

Recreational Elements

Let’s discuss some elk hunting!

This ranch is situated perfectly right in the middle of some of the very best elk hunting in the state. In fact, it doesn't really matter whether you prefer archery or rifle hunts, this place has it all. One of the ranch owners has the hunting harvest proof... he has taken many large bulls with his compound bow. He has ten Pope and Young framed certificates hanging on his living room wall. All of his harvested bulls are from the ranch. His awards place him within the top five archers in the state of Montana. There have been many additional large bulls taken from the ranch by others over the past few years, which have scored between 375 to 400 points, Pope & Young or Boone & Crocket.  Additionally, the ranch borders millions of acres of government land on its north side which provides for a huge hunting and recreational component (see "Montana Cadastral" via the Internet - 1st, find Fergus County; 2nd, scope in to find Winifred; 3rd, go west to the Judith River; 4th, go south/upstream three miles to the ranch center). 

How about deer hunting?

This ranch has some of the best mule deer in Montana. White Tail deer migrate in from the East and can be seen throughout the year. Each year several very large mule deer bucks are harvested from the ranch.

In Montana – with water comes fish!

The ranch has three private lakes stocked with trout, yellow perch or channel catfish. As for the Judith River, it lends itself as a superb fishery. It has rainbow and brown trout, walleye, channel catfish, sauger, northern pike and yellow perch.

How about game birds? 

Lately, the ranch owners have been improving the game bird habitat by planting high protein alfalfa, sanfoin, oats, wheat and barley. Since these plantings, many ring-neck pheasants and Hungarian partridge are making the ranch their permanent home. These improved habitat areas actually benefit all the ranch wildlife, including the elk and deer.

River Activities!

With 6 miles of the Judith River running through the ranch, you'll find a great opportunity for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and other forms of water sports while enjoying the stunning Montana wilderness and wildlife.  Whether the river is used just on-site or for many miles up and down river, it certainly adds another possible recreational business element along with utilizing part of the ranch for guest lodging, entertainment and corporate retreats.

Fossil Digs?                                                                                                             

Why not?  Many fossils and bones are constantly being discovered in the region.  What a great element to add to any form of guest entertainment.


Let’s further analyze the bison facilities:

These facilities include a total of 16 miles of 8 foot high game proof fencing. The fences are constructed with strong pressure treated wood posts together with heavy gauge steel posts. The wire is heavy gauge hog wire style fencing. The fences are constructed with strength in mind while respecting the natural instincts of a bull bison and the possibility of wildfire. The posts are staggered, such as wood, steel, wood, steel. There are more than 25 heavy gauge steel gates servicing the facilities.  Please be advised, it's widely recognized in the industry that bison will often not stay contained within any average type cattle fencing enclosure. Given the quality of our bison fencing, this is not a concern.

The bison enclosures consist of 4 main pastures, with an additional corral and handling facility. If desired, one large pasture would serve well as a superb hunting preserve area with great character, varied terrain, groves of pine and fir, high protein grasses and a year around creek, which is all basically an understatement.

Many large open areas are predominantly sagebrush community, mixed with a variety of high protein grasses and forbs. Other types of brush are scattered throughout, such as juniper brush, snowbrush and buffaloberry brush. Around the creek bottoms, there are scattered large cottonwood and willow trees. Some small beaver ponds are scattered up and down Salt Creek. Not only would this facility be perfect for meat production, but also quite superb as a sport hunting arrangement for bulls.

Three miles of Salt Creek runs right through the middle of the largest pasture. This is a year around creek and it has a perfect location for a gorgeous 10 to 15 acre lake.

This ranch is available now as a "FULL-SERVICE TURN-KEY OPERATION" for BISON .... as well as cattle, horses and other possible livestock.

Don’t forget - a picture is worth a thousand words.  You can  skip to our gallery here for more photos 

There’s gold under them thar meadows

Yes, placer gold to be exact. However, we’re not currently sure as to the extent. The potential is huge and on a grand scale.  At a minimum, it does provide for a large recreational component with panning and sluicing.

How about "black gold"?                                                      Perhaps?  After all..... it is Montana! There are also many natural gas wells in the region.  Our mineral rights will transfer.

The ranch headquarters includes the following:

3 double story homes, 2 barns, shop/garage with walk-in cooler.

On one long strategic ridge-top, we have obtained a FAA approval for a 3,300’ private landing strip.  It can be seen by skipping to the photo gallery.

Additional opportunity to seriously consider:

There is presently a contiguous ranch/farm that may still be FOR SALE! This additional acreage could provide for a major expansion of the existing bison facility and/or for hay production.  By including this adjoining acreage with the Montana Bison Ranch, the entirety would create one of the largest premier bison meat production and sport hunting ranches in the Country. 

The Montana Bison Ranch is for sale by owner and can  be lassoed for:   $5,900,000    Price now slashed to $4,250,000 due to wildfire damage.   New photos available upon request.  Photos herein cannot be properly relied upon.

It is located in Central Montana and consists of a total of 4,000 deeded acres. There’s an additional 1,600 acres of leased BLM and Montana State land, which is used for cattle grazing and will transfer together with a sale of the ranch. The bison enclosures and related facilities are within the 4,000 deeded acre area and consist of about 1,500 acres.  The local phone and Internet provider has recently installed high-speed broadband fiber optic services to the ranch headquarters.

Contact:   Ed Bowman       

209-560-3023   or by email at:

The corresponding domain name
​can be included with the transfer of the subject property.